Chicago Atlantic is a private market investment firm combining deep expertise with an entrepreneurial approach to multi-asset class investing.



Chicago Atlantic’s investing platform seeks to capitalize investment opportunities that are time-sensitive, complex, or in dislocated markets, where we believe risk is fundamentally mispriced.

Chicago Atlantic has grown to a team of over 70 investment and central functions professionals.

Chicago Atlantic Advisers, LLC, an affiliate of Chicago Atlantic Group, LP, is an SEC-registered investment adviser.

Disciplined Investment Process

  • We diligently scrutinize opportunities where few willing capital providers with requisite expertise are present, providing an opportunity to capture excess returns.
  • Our team of over 30 investment professionals has the ability to navigate complexity to extract incremental value.
  • We look for a real “Reason to Exist” in our investment targets, be it geographical or market dominance, low cost producers, long-run demand for services or products, or fill a presently underserved niche.
  • We supplement our structural downside protection by securing contractual cash flows or assets like receivables, real estate, or equipment.

Diversified Business Development Platform

  • Chicago Atlantic maintains principal offices in Chicago and Miami with additional team members based in Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California.
  • Reputation for reliable, efficient, and predictable execution.
  • Long-standing relationships with investment banks, joint venture partners, and other intermediaries.

Investment Vehicles

  • Our investments are available to investors through a series of private funds and our publicly-traded commercial mortgage REIT (Nasdaq: REFI).
  • We are proud of maintaining over 550 active investor relationships across institutions, registered investment advisers, private banks, and family offices.